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the difference between woven interlining and non woven interlining

The difference between woven interlining and non woven interlining


What is a interlining? What is the composition of the lining? Lining, also known as adhesive lining, is mainly used in clothing collar, cuff, pocket, skirt waist, dress edge and suit chest and other parts, generally containing hot melt glue coating. According to the difference of the bottom cloth, the adhesive lining is mainly divided into two kinds: the woven lining and the non-woven lining.


1. non woven interlining , the cloth is not waved



Process principle: the viscose used in chemical fiber is formed by high temperature and high pressure. Then the coating machine on the substrate surface a layer of hot melt glue, and then dried to form our non-woven lining.

Usage: place the glued side of the lining on the fabric, then melt the glue on the lining by heating the binder or the iron, so as to achieve the effect of bonding on the fabric.


Features: cheap, soft, but washable is not good (temperature resistance is below 70 degree)


2. woven interlining, the cloth weaved by polyester

The bottom cloth with woven lining is divided into woven or knitted fabric, which is also called knit plain and knit fabric. This fabric is divided into two types: two kinds of knit linings, two sides of projectile knitted linings, four sides of projectile knitted linings, and the width of linings is usually 110cm and 150cm.

The woven lining is now using PA coating, it is usually powder glue in the old market, its characteristics are large amount of glue, production process is simple, the disadvantage is that large amount of glue is easy to produce the phenomenon of glue permeation. Now it has been eliminated. The most advanced technology is the non-base slurry dual-point process, characterized by easy to control the amount of glue, strong adhesion, water washing and other special treatment. Now used by most manufacturers.


Features: strong strength, good elasticity, and water-resistant.