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Active carbon filter for air purifier
Jan 09, 2018

Generally speaking, the purification of indoor air is mainly divided into three aspects: filtering dust, eliminating harmful gas and killing pathogenic bacteria. The air purifier in the market can be roughly divided into three categories: passive purification (filter purification), active purification (no filter) and composite. Passive filter purification products is the use of air circulation, filtered air through a built-in filter, which is very common, most brands are built at least three purifier filter, HD filter, such as HD medical grade dust filter HEPA and activated carbon filters, etc..

Without filter nets, the active purification products will actively release the purifying and sterilizing factors to the air, such as reactive oxygen species and oxygen ions, and achieve no dead angle purification through air diffusion. The compound products will integrate the above two advantages, and usually the purification effect will be better. When you look at these indicators, you can also do a good job when you buy a purifier.

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