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Application of non-woven fabric in automobile
Jan 09, 2018

From the cockpit filter and seat cover to the trunk lining, soundproof felt and Carpet cloth, non-woven fabrics play an important role in the car market. In China, the demand for soundproof felt for nonwovens will be about 2 million 450 thousand square meters per year according to the annual output of 700 thousand cars. In China "textile industry science and technology development project" guide for 2000-2005 years, and nonwovens and industrial projects related to the textile industry is 15, the contents of car interior materials research and product development "including knitting interior materials, flame retardant, antistatic materials, car decorative velvet woven with interior structural fibers composite materials. The goal is to replace imports, match the car interior decoration fabric, meet the requirements of luxury, comfort and safety, and its flame retardancy and antistatic performance reach the leading level in China.

It has been applied to automotive parts since 40 years ago. Nonwovens can be used for noise insulation, air filtration, heat insulation, enhancement, and to improve ride comfort and reliability of occupant. In addition to these advantages, nonwoven fabrics are also recognized by many auto companies as economic materials because of their high strength and durability. With the increasing application of non-woven fabrics in cars, the competition between the coil manufacturers participating in the market is also increasing. The research and development efforts in this area are also increasing.

"In recent years, the requirements of car manufacturers have promoted the development of special nonwovens", "Klaus Troeger", Schwarzenbach/Saale Klaus sales manager of automobile business department, Germany, "these products continue to improve and improve. The new technology and materials have paved the way for industrial use of non-woven fabrics to constantly break through the traditional field breakthroughs with textiles. Consumers' demand for non-woven fabrics is mainly low - cost, efficient filtering and sound absorption materials.

As the new type of non-woven fabric is being introduced, auto makers are studying using these products to replace higher cost materials such as leather seats. Often not for the drivers or passengers, non-woven fabrics are hidden under the seat or carpet, or are sewn together with other fabrics to improve strength and durability. Edward Merchlinsky, general manager of needle fabric supplier Amoco fabric and fiber industry company, thinks that needle fabrics are very suitable for leather seats instead of leather, because they are more economical and are easy to operate and suitable for sewing in the process of pulling, sticking and sewing.

The fabric of nonwoven fabric becomes stronger

The environmentally friendly features of non-woven fabrics make it possible for them to replace foam products in cars.  According to Dan Kamat, vice president of Precision Custom Coatings, auto manufacturers are more and more aware of the environmental advantages of non-woven fabrics compared with other materials. This can be seen from the business of PCC bonded nonwoven acupuncture and thermal growth, more and more use of these materials in the engine cover, car roof lining, dashboard and other small parts of the sound insulation and heat insulation. Carmakers want to stop using non recyclable foam materials, and non-woven manufacturers have developed materials that can replace bubbles and can be recycled. They can also with glass fiber and recycled materials very firmly together, even in drawing, color, no wrinkling and tearing.

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