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Characteristics of non-woven fabric polypropylene filter cloth
Jan 09, 2018

Polypropylene fiber is the commodity name of polypropylene fiber, which is made from propylene as raw material by polymerization and melt spinning. Non-woven polypropylene fiber filter cloth is mainly made of polypropylene non-woven fabric filter cloth, it is melt spinning fiber, acid resistant and alkali resistant filter cloth.

1. non woven fabric polypropylene filter cloth:

Mineral processing, manufacturing, smelting, pharmaceutical, ceramic, and working filter bottom

2. non woven fabric polypropylene filter fabric filtering performance:

Long fiber fabric made of polypropylene fiber. Cloth with smooth fabric and good air permeability. The industrial fabric made of polypropylene staple weave is coated with wool. The effect of powder filtration and pressure filtration is better than that of long fiber, long polypropylene fiber and long fiber. The yarn is smooth. Short fiber, short fiber, spun silk ribbon hair.

3. classification of non-woven fabric filter fabric filter cloth:

Polypropylene fiber filter fabric; polypropylene fiber filter fabric.

4. polypropylene filter fabric material properties:

Melting point (centigrade):165-173. Specific gravity: O.9l.

Fracture strength (g/d):4.5-9. Softening point (centigrade):140-160.

Heat resistance: a little contraction at 90 degrees C. The fracture elongation (%):18-35.

Alkali resistance, acid resistance, good wear resistance, good electrical conductivity, slightly better resilience to polyester, poor corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene (polypropylene), which was made in 1957, was made in a formal industrialization. It is a rising star in a large number of synthetic fibers. Polypropylene filter cloth is developed rapidly because of its simple production process, low price, wide use and high strength.

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