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Multilayer coverage of filtered nonwoven fabrics
Jan 09, 2018

Nowadays, the use of non-woven fabrics is too much. It can be used as an ideal raw material for hygienic materials, and it can replace many kinds of common fabrics in various industries. It can not only cover single layers, but also can be covered by multiple layers.

1, in the case of low temperature, especially in the greenhouse, we can add several layers of filter cloth, and the temperature inside the greenhouse will remain within a certain range, but there will not be much change.

2, it can also cover plastic film and filter non-woven fabrics to use each other. The effect will be better. If the temperature is still not high, it can re cover two membranes on the top film of the greenhouse, and enhance the insulation characteristics of non-woven fabrics.

It seems that the non-woven fabric is a layer of cloth. However, because of its difference between the production process and the ordinary cloth, it has the advantage that the ordinary cloth does not have, and the multi-layer coverage makes the covered area more warm.

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