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Non-woven wallpaper construction method and matters needing attention
Jun 25, 2018

Non-woven wallpaper construction method and matters needing attention

Non-woven wallpaper is also called non-woven paper. Wallpaper is a kind of high-grade wallpaper/wallpaper. Because it is made of natural plant fiber non-woven technology, it is stronger in pulling force, more environmentally friendly, not mildew yellow, and good air permeability is the main reason for high-quality wallpaper. Substrate.

Non-woven wallpaper paste method:

1. Wall treatment

The wall surface should be flat, clean, dry and uniform in color. There should be no gaps or uneven defects. Before the construction, the wall surface should be treated with a brush base film (or varnish).

2, wallpaper cutting

According to the serial number of the wallpaper, the wallpaper will be set well, and the height of the wall will be measured. According to the height of the wall, 5 centimeters shall be reserved for the cutting of the wallpaper. Remember to cut a roll of wallpaper once to prevent quality problems.

3, brush wallpaper glue

Non-woven wallpaper glue glue must be evenly brushed on the wall, the thickness can be 2mm, must not glue the brush directly on the back of the non-woven fabrics, but not soaked in wet water. Non-woven fabrics, unlike other wallpapers, should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers, making them less fluid.

4, wallpaper

The non-woven wallpaper is posted in a good order of prior comparison.

5, construction wallpaper cutting

Need to take over the cutting construction, the specific method is to take over the construction, depending on the number of flowers depending on the pattern, about 3 cm or so, plain non-woven fabric in the construction of the positive and negative paste method construction, the flower model After ensuring that the patterns are aligned, use a straight ruler to press at the overlap to cut them, avoid cutting at the corners as much as possible, so as not to cause the wallpaper to curl at the corners of the sun. When cutting, ensure that the knife is sharp and not have flash , At the same time pay attention to the strength of the knife, to ensure a cut, a knife cut off, but it must not be too much damage to the surface of the wall.

6, wallpaper paste after cleaning

After the construction, if there is dust on the surface, apply a short-bristle brush or a rake to wipe it. Do not use a wet towel to wipe out the contamination.

Notes for sticking non-woven wallpapers:

1. When the coating of the primary coating is dry during construction, the vertical line is used as a standard to prevent the wallpaper from being pasted incorrectly.

2, after the wallpaper on the wall can not use a hard scraper or nylon brush, should use a soft brush to scrape from the top down, the surface of the non-woven flat, remove air bubbles, wrinkles, do not glue out of the seam to avoid contamination On the surface, if you accidentally squeeze out the glue, wipe it clean with a dry towel and keep your hands clean during construction.

3, construction should be checked while construction, found problems immediately stop the construction, find out the causes and solutions and then construction.

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Address: Zhejiang Hangzhou Fuyang Guohetan, Xindeng Town

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