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The difference between PET non-woven fabric and PP nonwoven fabric
Jan 09, 2018

PET polyester non-woven fabric with:

1. The stability is better than the polypropylene nonwoven fabric

The main performance is: strength, wear resistance and so on. The polyester non-woven fabrics with special raw materials, after processing thus imported advanced equipment and sophisticated and scientific, has gone beyond the technical content and requirements of polypropylene non woven fabrics.

Two. The heat resistance is better than the polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Polypropylene non-woven fabric has obvious thermal shrinkage. According to the investigation, when the temperature reaches 140 degrees, it has obvious shrinkage. The highest temperature of polyester nonwovens can reach 230 degrees, which has obvious characteristics compared with polypropylene non-woven fabrics.

Three. The anti aging period is higher than that of polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Polyester nonwoven fabric with polyester as raw material, worm resistant, wear-resistant, UV resistant, the above characteristics are higher than the polypropylene non-woven fabric.

Four. Good air permeability

Polyester non-woven fabric, compared with polypropylene and other non-woven fabrics, has excellent properties such as no water absorption, no water, strong air permeability and so on.

The first is the difference of raw materials: PP refers to polypropylene, namely polypropylene; PET is polyester, namely poly phenylene ethylene ester of oxalic acid two.

Secondly, the two kinds of non-woven fabrics have great differences in application, but in some ways they can be replaced by each other. It's just a difference in performance.

In addition, there are similarities and differences between the two types of production and processing. Different processing methods determine the final application in most cases. In contrast, PET is a bit more expensive and more expensive.

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