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What is the use of polypropylene nonwoven fabric?
Jan 09, 2018

Application of non-woven fabric in vegetable production

A cloth, polyester or polypropylene as raw material, slices through the screw extrusion spinning filament and directly into the net size of hot rolling bonding, is a kind of good air permeability, moisture absorption and transmittance of the cloth like cover, with cold, moisture, frost, antifreeze, light, gas and so on, and has the characteristics of light weight, convenient use, corrosion resistance, good insulation effect due to thickening of non-woven fabrics, also can be used for multilayer coverage.

The bed cover of the vegetable in the seedling stage has the effect of heat preservation, moisture, seed germination and so on. It can also be fertilized, watered and sprayed on the bed surface. Not only convenient, but also cultivated seedling stout and tidy. Because of its superior thermal insulation, air permeability and humidity control, the effect of its coverage is better than that of the film. Non-woven fabric specifications of 20 grams per square meter, 30 grams, 40 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams and so on, the width of 2 to 8 meters, with white, black, silver and gray 3 colors. A non-woven fabric of 20 grams or 30 grams per square meter for bed cover is selected for white or silver gray in winter and spring. After sowing, the non-woven fabric, which is long and wider than the border, is covered directly to the bed. Because the non-woven fabric has a certain flexibility, the length and width must be greater than the length and width of the border. In its two ends and both sides must be fixed, with soil or rock compaction edge, can also use wire made of U shaped or T-shaped curved rod, fixed at certain distance. After the emergence of according to the weather conditions and vegetable production requirements, timely attention to uncovery, usually during the day, night or cold weather coverage cover off.

Nonwoven fabric of polypropylene nonwoven fabric

It can be used in clothing, glove linings, heating and filling materials, underwear, clothing, clothing labels, etc.

Polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric for household daily necessities

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in the Home Furnishing daily necessities industry, can be used for carpet and fabric, wall materials, furniture decoration, dust cloth, cloth, cloth bag spring and sound isolation cloth, bedding and curtains, curtains and other decorative cloth, wet and dry, light cloth, filter cloth, aprons, cleaning bags, mop, napkins, table cloth, table cloth, ironing mat, cushion and so on.

Nonwoven polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical industry, can be used for clinical supplies, clothing, shoes, hats, disinfection and isolation, wrap cloth, wet towels, bandages, cotton balls, masks, masks, curtain, mattress, bed sheets, disinfection and sterilization of blood filter cloth, sanitary napkins, diapers, vacuum bags, tea bags, travel bags, coffee underwear, incontinence products, wet and dry cloth, make-up paper, lens paper, soft cushion, sanitary materials etc..

Polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric casual nonwoven fabric

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in leisure industry, can be used for shopping bags, sleeping bag, tarpaulin, tents etc..

Nonwoven polypropylene nonwoven fabric for agricultural Horticulture

Non-woven fabric is widely used in agricultural and horticultural industry, can be used for insulation cover, frost protection, pest control, soil and water conservation, soilless cultivation, artificial vegetation protection, lawn, plant mulch, seedling cloth and so on

Polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven automotive interior nonwoven fabric

Nonwovens are widely used in the automotive industry. They can be used for automobile carpet, roof, door decoration, wall materials, door and window seals, filter materials, composite materials, seat materials and so on.

Non-woven fabric of polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in industry, can be used for coating cloth, polishing materials, cloth, sterile clothing, abrasive products, cable wrapping cloth, plastic battery diaphragm, reinforcing cloth, adhesive tape, protective clothing, laboratory clothing, absorbing materials, lubricating pad, flame retardant fabric, conveyor belt, disposable paper mats, blankets, sound-absorbing mat and so on.

Polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric for construction of water use non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabrics widely used in building water conservancy industry, can be used for geotextile, asphalt roadbed, road, railway subgrade, soil reinforcement, drainage, dam, golf course, tennis courts, artificial turf, prevent soil erosion, silt deposition and prevention, building waterproof material, insulating cloth, sound-absorbing materials, pipe wrapping cloth and other buildings materials etc..

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