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What kind of material should be chosen in the bedroom curtains in the home?
Jan 09, 2018

1., there are more kinds of blinds now, but some wooden curtains can use adhesives, which is easy to cause indoor pollution. Children at home, old people or pregnant women should be careful to choose. When selecting, hang the curtain and try it flat to see whether the opening is flexible or not. After turning the adjusting lever and checking whether the leaf is turning freely, we can first touch whether the blade is smooth or not. Artificial fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, and have good shading

2. bamboo texture clear, good lighting effect, and wear resistance, moisture-proof, anti mildew, do not fade, applicable to the living room and balcony, flocking curtain silk, delicate texture, luxury gorgeous, light sound insulation effect is good, but the price is relatively high. The yarn curtains are highly decorative, and can enhance the deep sense of the interior, good transmittance, suitable for use in the living room and balcony. Cotton and linen are commonly used materials for curtains. They are easy to wash and replace. It is suitable for the bedroom. From the material, the curtain has cotton, linen quality, yarn quality, silk satin, flocking, bamboo quality, non-woven fabric, and so on.

3. like now in the autumn, the curtain needs to consider the problem of heating, the thick fabric curtain fabric, good warmth retention. But in the study and dining room, there is no need for too much light in the dining room. The shutters can be used to adjust the light. If you want to have a comfortable afternoon nap during the day, you can choose a curtain that has a shading effect and cotton or flocking fabric for the bedroom. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain is, the better the sound absorption effect is.

4. curtains texture with flocking, cotton, linen, good, in the choice of curtains, not only to consider its decoration, but also to consider the effect of curtain material on people's life.

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