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How To Distinguish The Material Of Superfine Fiber Cloth And Non-woven Fabric
Jan 09, 2018

With the continuous improvement of quality of life, microfiber cloth has become an essential part of daily necessities. How do we distinguish it from non-woven fabrics? In fact, the method is very simple. We can distinguish cloth according to the following characteristics.

The characteristics of superfine fiber cloth:

1. The feel is soft and light.

2, the super fiber cloth attached to the ordinary cloth clothes, clothing vertical state, super fiber is also attached to the clothes, which shows that the fiber is fine enough, is a super fiber cloth.

3, the real super fiber is kneaded into a group of slow expansion, and the false super fiber is fast fluffy.

The characteristics of non-woven fabric:

1. Pay attention to the uniformity of the transmittance of the cloth surface (this is an important and simple way to judge the uniformity of the cloth surface). Then it is laid on the flat ground, with good uniformity, and the cloth face should not be undulating.

2. Observe the gloss of the cloth face. There is no fiber floating on the surface, if no gloss or Planktonema much, probably feed back production. Tear a piece of cloth and burn it completely with fire. Observe the burning residue. Good product, residue is few and smooth, and the residue produced by secondary material has many tiny particle dust.

There are more and more varieties of superfine fiber cloth on the market now, and you may as well be able to use the above methods to distinguish them.