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Influence Factors Of Filter Material
Jan 09, 2018

1. structure of filter material and thickness of dust layer. The filter bag filter can be used fabric, can also be rolled or acupuncture blanket. The filter material of different structure, the filter dust process is different, and the influence on the filter dust efficiency is different. The pores in the plain cloth exist between the meridian, the weft and the fibers, and the latter account for 30% to 50% of the total pores.

The dust removal efficiency of bag filter is mainly due to the action of dust layer formed on filter material. Filter cloth mainly plays the role of forming dust layer and supporting its skeleton.

In fact, the resistance of filter material can only be reduced to 20% to 80% before cleaning, and can not be restored to the state of new filter material. This is due to the existence of the remaining primary dust layer on the filter material. And the amount of the residual first dust layer will increase with the time of use. Generally speaking, the pressure loss of bag filter increased rapidly when it was used just now, but it became stable after 1~2 months. After that, it increased slowly, but most of them tended to be fixed.

2. filter speed. The filter speed V (or specific load QF) is an important technical and economic indicator to represent the gas capacity of the bag type dust collector. The selection of filtration speed should take into account the economy and the requirements of the filter efficiency.

From the economic considerations, the filtration rate is high, with the same flow gas required filter area is small, then the size of the dust remover, the area, the steel consumption is also small, so the investment is small, but the pressure loss, power consumption, damage dust filter increases, because of high operating costs. From the view of filter efficiency, the effect of the filter velocity is very significant. The filtering speed of the fabric filter cloth is 0.5m/min to 2m/min, and the felt filter material is 1m/min ~ 5m/min. From the two aspects of economy and efficiency, the filter speed range is the most suitable. When the filtration speed is increased, the dust particles will penetrate through the filter material in three ways, namely straight through, pressure out and air hole, thus reducing the efficiency of dust removal.

The characteristics of the filter efficiency described above as a result of the increasing filtration rate are not explained by the theory of fiber filtration. From the point of view of filtration theory, when the inertial collision mechanism as the main trap, the trap efficiency should be enhanced with increasing filtration rate; only in the main diffusion trapping mechanism, the trapping efficiency will decrease with the increase of speed, but the influence on the particle size is about 0.2 m with the particle is not important, but to capture the size much larger than this.

3. dust characteristics. In the dust characteristics, the dust particles are the main factors affecting the dust removal efficiency of the bag type dust collector. For the dust particles with 0.1 mu m, the efficiency of the dust removal can reach 95%. The efficiency of the dust removal of the fly ash of the boiler. For the dust larger than 1 m, more than 99% of the dust removal efficiency can be obtained. In the dust particles with different sizes, the classification efficiency of the dust particles with a particle size of 0.2 m to 0.4 Mu is the lowest, no matter the filter material or the filter material after the dust is roughly the same. This is because the dust particles of this size range are caused by several areas with low dedusting efficiency.

The static charge carried by dust particles also affects the efficiency of dust removal. The more dust charge is, the higher the dust removal efficiency is. With this characteristic, the dust particles are charged at the upstream of the filter material, and the capture efficiency of 1.6 m dust particles is up to 99.99%.

4. way of dust cleaning. The cleaning method of the filter material of the bag type dust collector is also an important factor affecting the filter efficiency. As mentioned above, the filter dust efficiency is the lowest after the filter material is just cleaned, and the efficiency rises rapidly with the increase of the filtration time (that is, the thickness of the dust layer). When the thickness of the dust layer is further increased, the efficiency is kept at almost constant high level.