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What kinds of non-woven fabrics are there in the roof of a car?
Jan 09, 2018

In automobile production, especially in the process of automobile interior decoration, the use rate of non-woven fabric is very high, and nonwoven fabrics will be used in many places. Below we pay attention to the introduction of the type of non-woven fabric at the top of the car.

The use area of automotive nonwoven fabrics

1. rear seat goods placing rack and so on.

2. trunk luggage pad.

3. air and oil filter non-woven fabric.

4. car sound box and sound insulation board.

5. engine insulation pad.

6. car top fluffy non-woven fabric.

The automotive nonwoven fabrics are needled, Spunlaced, stitched, spunbonded, and many of them are used to see what parts are used.

The needled nonwoven fabric is generally used in the interior of the car, all in the middle and low grade car, which is generally divided by the level of Camry. The needling and stitching are generally used in low and middle cars, and the advanced sedan is woven by machine. The spunbonded nonwoven fabric will be added when the roof is formed. There are two kinds of non-woven and knitted fabrics. In the non-woven fabric, there are also needling and stitching (mainly sewn cloth of horse power Fries). Look, you use the fabric or the ceiling.

What kinds of needle felt nonwoven fabrics are there in the roof of a car

No yarn stitched ceiling: high-grade materials, now more and more models to this material. Polyester material, with coil structure, is very similar to the warp knitting, and is characterized by good elasticity in the direction of the thickness.

Needle ceiling: polyester material, the effect is hairy, low price, a lot of cars, van

In addition, automotive interior materials should also have self-cleaning performance, good fastness and thermal comfort, air permeability and other good properties of water and oil repellent.

In order to improve the UV and light resistance of automotive interior fabrics, it is necessary to finish UV finishing for automotive interior fabrics, so as to reduce the degradation of interior fabrics and prolong the service life of the products.  Therefore, the practical application is not much, polyester has the best anti UV properties, and has good wear resistance, and the practical application is more. The anti UV properties of synthetic fibers are generally superior to those of natural fibers, and the UV resistance of polyester and acrylic fibers is better, and the wear resistance of acrylic fiber is slightly worse. The ultraviolet resistance of the natural fiber is poor, the cotton fabric has the worst anti UV effect, and the wool resistance to UV is slightly better. Textile materials will be degraded under the action of ultraviolet radiation and damp heat for a long time.