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What Do You Use For The Automotive Headliner Fabric
Jan 09, 2018

Different for different grades of interior ceiling in material and structure, in order to improve the sound insulation, heat insulation, noise reduction and other effects, the use of various kinds of fiber felt, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam and other materials bonded together as liner structure, and skin materials (such as non-woven fabrics, knitted fabrics) by certain one way of adhesion formation.

There are two main types of interior decoration of the roof of a car: soft top and hard top. The development trend of the interior decoration material of the automobile roof is the high strength molding base material.

Soft roof of a car

The soft top is usually combined with the laminating or flame method of the fabric and the foam layer. Most of the fabric is made of nonwoven fabric or PVC film. The foam layer is made of polyurethane or crosslinked polyethylene foam. The fabric is decorated, and its color and texture should be harmonized with the color and texture of the body interior. The foam layer plays the role of insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and vibration damping.

The installation of soft top is generally divided into two kinds: pasted and hoisting type, used in wagon, van and low gear.

There are two kinds of soft top bonding: roll coating method and pre coating method. The adhesive used for roller coating is neoprene. The workers at the construction site hold the glue roll or glue brush filled with glue, and evenly apply the glue to the inner surface of the top cover. After hanging for a few minutes, the soft top is pasted in the designated position.

The pressure-sensitive adhesives used in the pre coating process are pre coated on the back lining of the soft top when the soft top is produced and used in isolation paper.

Cover the glue film for packing and transportation. In the construction site, the workers uncover the isolation paper and paste the soft top in the specified position.