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What are the types of high temperature aramid fabric insulation materials


There are four types of high temperature aramid fabric insulation materials: all-para-aramid fibers; all-para-aramid copolymer fibers; all-meta-aramid fibers; meta-aramid copolymer fibers containing methyl substituents.

high temperature aramid fabric insulation materials

The first two types are high-modulus heat-resistant fibers, and the latter two types are high-temperature and flame-retardant fibers. The production methods all adopt low-temperature solution polycondensation. The (1) type is to separate the polymer and dissolve it in concentrated sulfuric acid for dry spraying and wet spinning. If necessary, heat treatment of TPU filament aramid fabric, and the type (2) can be directly solution spun. , the polymer can also be separated after interfacial polycondensation, redissolved and spun, and types (3) and (4) can be directly wet-spun and stretched.

Types (1) and (2) are used for applications requiring high mold performance at room temperature and high temperature, and types (3) and (4) are suitable for applications requiring high temperature resistance and certain flame retardancy.

High temperature aramid fabric insulation materials usually only need to add less than 10% pulp, and the strength of the product is equivalent to 50-60% asbestos fiber reinforced products. It is used to enhance friction, sealing materials and other manufactured products. It can be used as a substitute for asbestos in friction sealing materials, high-performance heat-resistant insulating paper and reinforced composite materials.

The high temperature aramid fabric insulation materials is a high modulus aramid yarn suitable for ADSS fiber optic cable, non-metallic fiber optic cable and indoor fiber optic cable. Aramid yarn has special properties such as low density, very high tensile modulus, high breaking strength and low elongation at break; at higher temperatures, it can maintain inherent stability, very low shrinkage, low High creep and very high glass transition temperature, in addition, it has high corrosion resistance, non-conductive, in addition to strong acids and alkalis, it has strong chemical resistance, and is an excellent fiber optic cable strengthening unit material.

High temperature aramid fabric insulation materials can be divided into two structural forms: para-aramid and meta-aramid, both of which have achieved widespread commercial application and production in the market.