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Quality identification of electrical tape


Electrical insulation tape manufacturers tell you how to judge the quality of electrical insulation tape when purchasing electrical insulation tape?

First, check whether there are any defects from the appearance, whether the tape rewinding is compliant, whether there are burrs in the slitting, and whether it is smooth. Check the material of the tape (there are many types of electrical insulating tape, so I will not introduce the quality of the material one by one. In most cases, it is depends on usage).

electrical insulation tape manufacturers

Looking at the glue again, most of the glue has evolved towards environmental protection. The smell is very important. If it is very pungent, it is more likely to be a defective product (not all tapes). Is there any residual glue after tearing off after use? If the residual glue is on the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape.

Electrical insulation tape manufacturers tell you the precautions: the PVC material is basically the same, mainly because of the glue. After a period of time after the poor-quality tape is wrapped, and then unwrapped, you can see that the glue and the PVC material are separated. It looks sticky and very sticky. Uncomfortable, which is not a problem with good quality tape