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Non-woven Fabric Also Seems To Please Me


Jun 06, 2020

Non-woven fabric also seems to please me

A few years ago, there was a kapok tree in front of the office, which was as high as four floors, and it must have been growing there for a long time. Non-woven fabric, however, I don't like it very much, because it darkens my office and hinders my view of the distant view. The shape of the kapok tree is also not good-looking, rough and simple, far worse than that of the banyan tree next to it. The non-woven fabric stands in front of the window and must see through the cracks in its body to see the distant scenery. For this reason, I was annoyed for a long time, and once suggested that it should be cut off, but this wish was never realized.

In the spring of the year when I moved into the office building, the other trees on the non-woven campus showed a thick green color, but the kapok tree in front of me was still bare and gray, and the sparse dry branches were stubbornly tilted upward, like Hibernation is not the same. I secretly rejoiced: This is better, it must be dead!

   One morning, I opened the window to ventilate as usual, but unexpectedly discovered the anomaly of the branches: the branches are dotted with green light. I looked closely. It turned out that this tree, which was almost forgotten by me, somehow had a soybean-sized bud, and a layer of light green appeared on its branches. This discovery immediately shortened the distance between me and it. It seems to be trying to please me as well. It is trying hard to bloom itself. Every day is more exquisite, more esoteric... From then on, the image of the tree has become bright in my eyes and heart.

   I like kapok covered with dewdrops, a string of swaying in the morning breeze like a wind, as if playing a wonderful famous song.

   That summer, the lush green leaves crowded in front of my window, blocking the scorching sun for me, and the office was completely free of the dark and depressed feelings of the previous. The breeze blew the white kapok, which was covered with white and fragrant fragrance, floated into the room and flew to my desk. Several times, it still stuck to me. I don't want to erase it, let it stick, this is my fate with it. It has already become a beautiful picture in my life.