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The Teabag Tea Bag Material Is Very Different. Have You Chosen The Right One?


Sep 21, 2019

The teabag tea bag material is very different. Have you chosen the right one?

Most of the tea bags on the market today are made of several different materials such as non-woven fabric, nylon and corn fiber.

Non-woven tea bagNon-woven fabrics are generally produced by using polypropylene (pp material) pellets as raw materials, which are melted at a high temperature, spun, laid, and hot-rolled continuously. Many traditional teabags use non-woven materials, and the cost is relatively low. If the non-woven materials meet the quality standards, it is safer. The disadvantage is that tea permeability and tea bag visual permeability are not strong. Plus the non-woven fabric is not made of natural materials, some non-woven fabrics have some harmful substances in the production process, which may be released during the hot water brewing process.


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