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Non-woven Fabric, A Good Partner For Succulent Flower Pots!


Oct 15, 2020

Non-woven fabric, a good partner for succulent flower pots!

In recent years, non-woven fabrics have become a common household necessity in daily life. Whether it's handbags, packaging boxes, non-woven fabrics are everywhere, and every family has many such items. But do you know? The non-woven fabric is also our best helper when it comes to raising extra meat!


Friends who have raised surplus meat know that although surplus meat never likes water, it still needs regular maintenance. Every time you water, the soil in the flowerpot will flow out from the top of the flowerpot along the water stream, making the house dirty. Over time, the floor of the place where the remaining meat is placed will be eroded and discolored by the soil and cannot be cleaned. At this time, non-woven fabrics can play a very good role.


First, put a layer of non-woven fabric on the top of the flower pot. The non-woven fabric can be cut to a smaller size to cover the middle of the pot, and then a layer of coarse-grained substrate, such as ceramsite or fine cinder, is placed again. After laying the fine-grained substrate, the soil needed for planting the remaining meat can be placed.


Because of the good air permeability of the non-woven fabric and the bottom of the coarse-grained matrix, the succulent basin will not be difficult to accumulate water. A clean and clean environment. Do you like this kind of waste utilization as much as I do?