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Why Choose Nonwovens For Medical Products?


Feb 11, 2020

Why choose nonwovens for medical products?


Nonwovens are known for providing superior performance in special tasks because they can be designed to the requirements of the application. Features that make nonwovens a better choice for medical products are:


Excellent barrier properties

high efficiency

Better performance (comfort, thickness and weight, water vapor transmission, breathability, etc.)


Enhanced user protection (better physical properties such as stretch, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.)


Less chance of cross-contamination

Find applications in a variety of products. Absorbent pads, incontinence products, clothing for patients and staff. Baby diapers, sheets and blankets, burns, dressing gowns, disposable underwear, dressings, drug delivery devices, masks, filter media, nose patches, pillows, shoe covers, sponges, sutures, tissue holders, towels, quilts, etc.

These products can be effectively used in ambulances, medical beds, ICUs, laboratories, operating rooms, wards, etc.


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