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What Is Polyester Spunbond Nonwoven


Feb 23, 2019

What is polyester spunbond nonwoven

Polyester spunbonded nonwoven fabric has high strength, high temperature resistance (long-term use in 150 °C environment), aging resistance, UV resistance, high elongation, stability and gas permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, anti-mite, Non-toxic.


Introduction of polyester spunbonded non-woven fabric

Product specifications

Maximum width after trimming: 3200mm

Maximum package diameter: 1500mm

Weight range: 10-130g/m2

Color: can be customized color


The main purpose

1, household items: fabric softeners and additives, vacuum cleaner bags.

2, packaging: cable cloth, handbags, container bags, flowers and materials.

3, decoration: wall decoration cloth, floor leather base layer, electrostatic flocking base cloth.

4. Agriculture: Agricultural harvest cloth, crops and plant protection, weed protection belt.

5, waterproof material: high-grade breathable (wet) waterproof material base fabric.

6, industrial applications: filter materials, insulation materials, electrical appliances, reinforcement materials, support materials.

7, car decoration materials.

8. Other: composite film base fabric, baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, protective articles, etc., disposable sanitary materials.


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