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The price of the non-woven fabric manufacturer is really lower, the better


Dec 29, 2018

The price of the non-woven fabric manufacturer is really lower, the better?

Near the end of the year, no matter whether it is on the Internet or the actual factory, there are more customers who consult the non-woven fabric price. Many customers are very expert, see our production workshop, production line and non-woven fabrics produced. If you look at it once, you will place an order. Of course, there are still some customers who always pursue excessively low prices and feel that our prices may be slightly higher. The next small series will come to everyone for a unified answer, the price of non-woven manufacturers reported is not the lower the better.

Looking at the price of non-woven fabrics, we must understand what the price of non-woven fabrics depends on, mainly from these aspects, specifications, quality, after-sales and geography. If the amount you need is not very large, then it is recommended that you try to buy from local manufacturers, because you can save a lot of freight. If you order a large amount, you can choose to go to the province, so the same specifications, the same process of non-woven fabrics to produce price differences is the quality of the cloth and after-sales service. First of all, the quality of the cloth is mainly determined by the production line of the production cloth. The imported production line is much better than the domestic production line regardless of the production precision and the quality of the cloth. At the same time, the price of imported production lines is also several times or even ten times more expensive than domestic production lines. For our company, the company has just spent tens of millions of dollars on a set of German imported production lines for the new No. 10 production line. So this is also the reason for the difference in the price of finished fabrics. In addition, from the perspective of after-sales service, many medium and large-sized enterprises, including our company, will be equipped with after-sales service departments. The purpose is to contact the manufacturer and solve it quickly when customer problems occur. Small factories are not equipped, so the price is low.

     In summary, the majority of customers pay attention to the price of non-woven fabrics, according to their own needs and actual conditions, choose the most suitable manufacturer, not only look at the price of high and low factors, according to their actual situation, choose to be able to Meet your own procurement needs.

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