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Move To The Network Marketing Model To Open A New Cycle Of Industrial Economy


Jul 28, 2018

Move to the network marketing model to open a new cycle of industrial economy

Nowadays, the network development of the market has become a trend. While expanding the negotiation and cooperation mode between enterprises, it has also become an information platform for obtaining industry information, so that the majority of non-woven enterprises can know domestically without leaving home. The development situation of the non-woven fabric industry, and thus adjusted in line with the current situation of the enterprise. The maturity of the internationalization of the domestic market provides opportunities for the expansion of China's nonwovens industry, while also stabilizing the market position of networked emerging economies. Under this situation, if the network development of enterprises is not accelerated, it will be very It is difficult to gain a firm foothold in the ever-changing international market, and high economic benefits are impossible to talk about.

In order to promote the information construction of the non-woven fabric industry and provide comprehensive solutions and technical support services, China Non-woven Network will focus on information service and e-commerce services, and establish the most for non-woven enterprises. Influential, the most secure and convenient e-commerce platform for trading, thus promoting the network development process of the domestic non-woven industry.

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