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Non Woven Interlining


Mar 09, 2018

  Hangzhou Golden Lily Nonwoven Cloth Co., Ltd is a factory professionally producing non woven fabric, and well known in China, especially non woven interlining . We have built a good realionship with some famous companies in the world.

   Nylon base cloth, the range of weight is 16gsm-80gm. The handle feeling is softer than polyester. 50% nylon 50%PET, 80% nylon 20% PET are popular in the oversea market. There are three kinds of nylon base cloth according to the handle feeing. NT, NTS, HNT, NTS is a little harder than NT and HNT is harder than NTS. NTS is popular in the market, but the washable resistance of HNT is the best. 


   9 thermal boned lines including 4 lines to produce base interlining. 2 lines for white, the another 2 lines for charcoal, black, so that we can guarantee there is no black dots on the cloth. We can produce 100% polyester with soft or hard handle feeling. We also can produce 100%PA, 50%PET50%PA, 80% PET20%PA. All the composition can be customized. If the handle feeling is hard, it allowed to be washable normally. Or it is difficult to be washable. The cloth temperature resistance is more than 200℃. The lowest weight we can produce is 16gsm, and keep the surface uniform. 

   we ship more than 600tons every month to all over the world including China.