Hangzhou Golden Lily Non-woven Cloth Co., Ltd.





Nylon(PA)non Woven Fabric


Mar 09, 2018

Hangzhou Golden Lily Nonwoven Cloth Co., Ltd established in 2001, it has went through 18 year so far. From startup, We believe that innovation is the core code of company survival and development. There are 12 product line we have including thermal bonding lines and needle punch lines. Main products are polyester non woven fabric, nylon (PA)non woven fabric and polypropylene (pp) non woven fabric.


this customer come from USA and has built business with us for more than 10 years. Nylon non woven fabric can be used for non woven interlining, nylon strip and other application. It is easy to be dying, and the handle feeling is very soft, so it is a good choice as a decorative material.