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What Are The Ingredients Of PP Non-woven Fabric


Dec 25, 2021


The main component of PP non-woven fabric is PP, namely: polypropylene. In fact, it is not poisonous. What are its advantages as a non-woven material?   


1. Polypropylene resin is a general-purpose plastic with lower density, good mechanical properties, good rigidity, abrasion resistance, and high hardness;   


2. Good heat resistance, poor cold resistance; no water absorption, good chemical stability;   


3. Good electrical insulation, withstand voltage, transparent film, poor permeability to air and water vapor;   


4. It is better for making PP non-woven fabric forming film, silk and other products. These advantages will also be reflected in non-woven fabrics.   


Many people worry about whether the PP non-woven fabric will be adulterated with harmful substances, because sometimes, it will directly contact the skin. Through the introduction of its ingredients, you don’t need to worry. During the production process, it will not add some harmful substances. .