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Are Polyester Non-woven Fabrics And Geotextiles The Same, And What Is The Difference?


Apr 17, 2021

1、 The two materials are different


1.Polyester non-woven fabric material: composed of oriented or random fibers.


2. Geotextile material: permeable geosynthetics made of synthetic fibers by needling or knitting.


2、 They are used for different purposes


1.Application of polyester non-woven fabric:


(1) Medical and health non-woven fabrics: surgical clothing, protective clothing, disinfection bag cloth, mask, diaper, civil dishcloth, wiping cloth, wet towel, magic towel, soft towel roll, beauty products, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, disposable sanitary cloth, etc.


(2) Non woven fabrics for home decoration: wall cloth, table cloth, bed sheet, bed cover, etc.


(3) Non woven fabrics for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, flocs, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather backing, etc.


(4) Industrial non-woven fabric; roofing waterproofing membrane and asphalt tile base material, reinforcing material, polishing material, filtering material, insulating material, cement packaging bag, geotextile, wrapping cloth, etc.


2. Use of geotextile:


(1) Filter material for soil separation.


(2) Drainage materials for reservoir and mine mineral processing, and drainage materials for high-rise building foundation.


(3) Anti scouring materials for river dykes and revetments.


(4) Railway, highway, airport runway subgrade reinforcement materials, swamp road reinforcement materials.


(5) Frost proof and antifreeze insulation materials.


(6) Anti cracking materials for asphalt pavement.