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The Development Of Agricultural Non-woven Fabrics


Sep 15, 2018

The development of agricultural non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are scattered all over the world. From industrial agriculture to clothing, food and shelter, people nowadays can't do without non-woven fabrics. Many people don't understand how to use non-woven fabrics in agriculture. Then we will introduce agricultural non-woven fabrics. The development of cloth.

The application of non-woven fabrics in the agricultural field has been extensive, because its good shading, gas permeability and degradability have always been a kind of auxiliary crop growth products that farmers' friends have always liked. After the success of the vinyl film, the agricultural non-woven fabrics have sprung up all over the world. After more than ten years of development, more than 50 countries have applied agricultural non-woven fabrics. And develop into all aspects of agriculture.

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