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Durable Impregnated Polyester Nonwoven Fabrics


Apr 22, 2018

Due to the gap between the drapability, elasticity, stretchability, opaqueness and pilling of polyester non-woven fabrics and the requirements of apparel fabrics, and the lack of a certain sense of art in appearance, it is used in durable clothing. There are considerable difficulties in the field. However, the non-woven fabric has the characteristics that it is not easy to loosen and slip, can be directly involved in the design of the cloth edge, and does not require ironing and seaming of the seams of the garment, which is different from the woven fabric and the knitted fabric. It is optimistic about the advantages of simple sewing process of non-woven garments, and many scientific researchers and companies are brave enough to face the risk of product development. The focus of research in recent years has focused on how to increase the drape, abrasion resistance, elasticity, and elastic recovery ability of nonwoven fabrics, making them suitable for the requirements of durable apparel fabrics.

BBA Fiberweb and Dow Chemical have developed a new type of spunbonded elastic nonwoven fabric. The fiber is a core bicomponent fiber. The core is an elastomer. The skin is a very extensible polymer. The different proportions of the two components make the spun-bonded non-woven fabrics to have very good elasticity, lower elastic modulus and higher strength and dimensional stability, which is a durable garment for spun-bonded non-woven fabrics. Offers possibilities.

Japanese Kuraray and domestic companies are jointly researching and developing ultra-fine fiber spunbonded nonwovens, using Ex鄄cevaltm soluble resin and PP or PE, PA, etc. for composite spinning, one component is PP (or PE, PA), and the other A combination is Excevaltm.

Excevaltm is soluble in water below 90°C, is also biodegradable, and can absorb moisture, and is hydrophilic. It has thermal adhesiveness after being compounded with PP (or PE, PA), and it is very easy to be formed into a web. This spun-bonded nonwoven fabric has much better water absorbency than a normal spunbonded fabric. Although its surface density is relatively small, the strength can still be comparable to conventional spunbonded fabrics and is a good candidate for durable clothing.

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