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PET Polyester Spunbond Non-woven Products Use And Scope


Apr 22, 2018

1. Nonwoven fabrics for clothing 1), Clothing, Gloves interlining cloth 2), Shopping bags 3 Flocking

2, leather, non-woven fabrics for footwear 1), inner lining 2), base fabric 3), middle padding material

3, home decoration, furniture non-woven fabric 1), carpet and base cloth 2), wall material 3), furniture decoration 4), spring cloth, isolation cloth 5), bedding and curtains, curtain 6), filtration Cloth 7) Transfer Printing 8), Napkins, Table Cloth, Table Cloth 10), Electric blankets 11), Modular Wardrobes 12), Parasol Fabrics

4, non-woven fabrics for medical and health 1), tea bags, coffee bags

5. Construction, civil engineering, non-woven fabrics for water use1), drainage board filter cloth2), anti-sludge drainage pipe4), building waterproof material5), insulation cloth6), pipe wrapping cloth6, non-woven filter material Cloth used for air, oil and other filtration.

7. Industrial Nonwovens 1), Coated Fabrics 2), Cable Wrappers 3), Battery Separators 4), Plastic Reinforced Fabrics 5), Absorbing Materials 6), Flame-retardant Fabrics

8, non-woven fabrics for the automotive industry

9, non-woven packaging

10. Nonwovens for agriculture and horticulture 1), Insulation cover 2), Nursery cloth

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