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Significance and explanation of impurity detection in diapers


Recently, the national standard GB / T 28004.1-2021 diapers - Part 1: baby diapers advocated by China Light Industry Federation was officially released and will be officially implemented on May 1, 2022. This standard and the previously issued GB / T 28004.2-2021 diapers - Part 2: adult diapers will - officially replace the previous GB / T 28004-2011 diapers (sheets and pads). The reason why the testing standards of diapers are divided into two is mainly due to the large differences between infant diapers and adult diapers in raw materials, product performance, safety requirements and many other aspects, especially the obvious differences in safety technical index requirements. Moreover, similar to South Korea, Taiwan and other regions, the standards of infant diapers and adult diapers are also stipulated separately. Therefore, the release of GB / T 28004 - 2021 is more scientific and normative.

According to the national mandatory standard gb15979 for disposable sanitary products, the environment for the production of diapers should be clean and tidy, free of garbage, breeding places of mosquitoes, flies and other pests. At the same time, the raw materials of diapers should be non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and the use of waste sanitary products as raw materials or semi-finished products is prohibited. However, manufacturers of garbage diapers will not scruple consumers and do anything for their interests.

In the previous 315 operation, the production of diapers and other sanitary products with moldy and abandoned "loose pulp" instead of "roll pulp" raw materials was exposed.

Hubei best sanitary products Co., Ltd. uses loose pulp to produce black heart adult diapers. After being exposed, the enterprise has been closed down overnight. The enterprise involved was previously rated as "civilized and honest private enterprise" in Hubei Province in 2016-2017 by Hubei Administration for Industry and commerce. Another enterprise, Shandong Tancheng Jindeli sanitary products Co., Ltd., mainly produces dual-purpose towels and nursing pads for women and infants. In addition to its own brands, it also processes products for multiple brands. On March 15, 2017, the March 15 evening party of Shandong Radio and television station exposed three problem enterprises of adult diapers in Tancheng County, Linyi, including Jindeli sanitary products Co., Ltd. the Liyuan adult pull-up pants produced by the company have been sealed up and the company is in the state of shutdown. The company's main registered brands are "bang Baole", "Liyuan", "love of beauty" and other series of sanitary products. A nearby resident said that if someone came to the company for inspection, it would be better. If the wind was tight, it would stop for a while.

Two years after the incident, Shandong Tancheng Jindeli sanitary products Co., Ltd. was exposed by CCTV again for using bulk pulp.

Some small brands of infant diapers and adult diapers are more strict in cost control because they focus on the low-end market. Most of the materials used are recycled materials. The bulk pulp used is mainly the pulp processed from waste recycled materials. These waste recycled materials are basically defective products such as baby pants and diapers eliminated by some large enterprises in the south, and then secondary crushing is carried out to extract loose pulp. Because the raw materials themselves are obsolete defective products, in addition, the recycled materials of these defective products are easy to be doped with impurities in the crushing process. Almost all black workshops lack the important link of disinfection. Even if some black workshops have disinfection facilities, they only take a form to cope with the inspection.

Obviously, diapers have become common daily necessities. Therefore, before diapers enter the market, qualified manufacturers will test their products in order to pursue better quality and maintain a good product brand. The sgj367a diaper impurity detector of our company can be used to detect the residual impurities in the diaper when the light passes through the sample under a certain strong light. Widely praised by major manufacturers.

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