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100% polyester non woven interlining fabric

the company imported nine advanced thermal-bonded non-woven lines and one chemical bonding lines from Germany,France and Italy with annual production capacity 8000tons.





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Product description

Polyester non-woven fabric for interlining, as the backing of interlining (also called fusible interlining), is mainly used for garment collars, cuffs, pockets, waist of skirts and pants, hems and chest of suits.

Our polyester non-woven interlining fabric is formed by 100% polyester fiber carded into a net and reinforced by hot rollers, which can be produced in different grammage, thickness and handfeel, with good thermal stability, high strength and good washing resistance.  



As a backing for non-woven fusible interlining, after coating it is suitable for garment products that do not require too much stiffness and strength.



1. Good uniformity, weight range 16-120g/m2

2. Different handfeel and stiffness suitable for different lining types, super soft, soft, medium hard, hard, extra hard

3. Environmental protection, meet OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS 1 standard

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