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PET Nonwoven fabric electrical insulation materials

the company imported nine advanced thermal-bonded non-woven lines and one chemical bonding lines from Germany,France and Italy with annual production capacity 8000tons.


electrical insulation tape

100% PET nonwoven fabric

Electrical polyester non-woven

insulation non-woven fabric




Products Detail

Product description

100% polyester nonwoven fabric, the surface is relatively smooth, made of fully imported machines, the fibers are fully carded, high strength with light quality, thin thickness, good insulation performance, the product slit minimum width of 25mm, slit end neatly, popular in foreign markets.



electrical insulation tape   

dmd electrical insulation materials



1. Uniform thickness of fabric, grammage range 15-50g/m2

2. The narrowest width can be 25mm

3. High MD strength

4. Excellent impregnation performance

5. Environmentally friendly material, no glue


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