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Polyester Non-woven Fabric Application Profile Classification


May 01, 2018

Polyester non-woven fabrics are widely used in life, just like our air is almost ubiquitous, and precisely because of this, we need to understand its performance and applications in order to better use it. The

      Polyester non-woven fabrics mainly have the following applications: First, they are used as drainage boards. Polyester non-woven fabrics can be used to make drainage membranes for soft foundations. They have high permeability coefficient, high tensile strength, and strong soil resistance. Other characteristics; Second, used as a covering cloth, polyester non-woven fabrics can be used for house-covered cloth, liner materials, with the advantages of breathable, moisture-proof, long service life and energy saving, can play a wind, moth, mold , Insulation and other effects, for you to create a more dry, healthy, environmentally friendly living space; Third, as a filter material: polyester non-woven fabrics can be used for gas, liquid filtration materials, fiber fineness up to 0.75d, can be More uniform fiber distribution, better filtering effect; Fourth, as a waterproof membrane: Polyester non-woven fabrics can be used to make sbs, app and other advanced waterproofing membrane base tires, with high tensile strength, good extension performance, It has excellent thermal stability, strong puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. The

      The application of polyester non-woven fabrics in agriculture is also very extensive. For example, polyester non-woven fabrics can be used to produce vegetables, harvested fruits, eucalypts, soil insulation fabrics, greenhouse curtains, fruit bags, etc. Good moisture permeability, moderate light transmittance, etc., can promote crop growth, early maturation, and more effective in preventing pest infestation, the general application of a wide range.


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