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Nonwoven Fabric for Full Blackout Cellular Shades

the company imported nine advanced thermal-bonded non-woven lines and one chemical bonding lines from Germany,France and Italy with annual production capacity 8000tons.


honeycomb curtain material

PET Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven material supplier for h




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Product description

The non-woven fabric for honeycomb curtain is made of high quality polyester fiber, which is hot rolled into fabric at high temperature after carding into a web. This product has good stiffness, wrinkle resistance and excellent conformability, and is made into a unique honeycomb design after pleating as a support material and laminated with aluminum film, and this honeycomb structure can store air in the hollow layer to keep the room at a constant temperature.



Used as a layer of substrate for full blackout honeycomb shades



1. Good uniformity, weight range from 18-35g/m2

2. Many styles of patterns, including square dot, woven pattern, horizontal and vertical pattern, peanut pattern

3. Stiffness can be adjusted according to customer's demand

4. Excellent dyeing performance

5. Environmentally friendly material, no glue

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