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Nonwoven Fabric for Half Blackout honeycomb blind

the company imported nine advanced thermal-bonded non-woven lines and one chemical bonding lines from Germany,France and Italy with annual production capacity 8000tons.


white polyester PET nonwoven fab

semi-shading cellular 




Products Detail

Product description

Non-woven fabric for semi-blind honeycomb curtain, the raw material is 100% polyester fiber, produced by all imported thermal bonded non-woven production line , width can be up to 2.1m, the product has good stiffness, can be directly pleated to make a unique honeycomb structure.



Semi-blind honeycomb curtains



1. Good uniformity, weight range from 40-70g/m2

2. Different patterns, including square dot pattern, woven pattern, horizontal and vertical pattern, peanut pattern

3. Good stiffness, easy to pleat

4. Excellent dyeing performance

5. Environmentally friendly material, no glue, no formaldehyde

6. Can be made flame retardant, water repellent and other post-treatment

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