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pet polyester nonwoven fabric for cabin filter air purifier

the company imported nine advanced thermal-bonded non-woven lines and one chemical bonding lines from Germany,France and Italy with annual production capacity 8000tons.


Filteration Nonwoven Fabric

Good Stiffness Nonwoven Fabric

Air purifier material




Products Detail

Product description

Our product is made of 100% polyester staple fiber after carding and hot rolling, does not use glue, as the support material inside the filter, has good stiffness, can be compounded with meltblown, electrostatic filter media, PTFE film and other materials, high grammage products can also be pleated directly, as a coarse filter layer. Because of the excellent pleating performance environmental performance, it is widely used in air purifier, car air filter and other filtration applications.


Cabin Filter(Supporting series)

Air Purifier

Vacuum Cleaner Filter



1.   No glue,no formaldehyde,do not need chemical treatment to achieve good stiffness and strength

2.  Achieve various filtration performance requirements by adjusting the fiber radio

3.  It can be composited with melt blown、activated carbon、glass fiber, PEFE film and other materials, it also can be pleated separately, suitable for filtration products with different performance requirements

4. It can be used for post-treatment such as anti-bacterial, anti-mite and water-repellent to meet different performance requirements


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